The Harmful Results Of The Industrial Development

Up to a certain stage of development of human society human activities, in particular, industry did not violate the fundamental natural processes or effected very little on them. Millions of years the ecological balance in nature with preservation of natural ecological systems existed. It continued after the appearence man on the Earth.

The twentieth century was the century of unprecedented technological progress, rapid development of science, industry, energy and agriculture. At the same time as an accompanying factor a harmful impact of human industrial activities on the environment has grown and it continues to grow. As a result we have unpredictable changes of ecosystems and the entire planet Earth.

Currently, with the growth and rapid development of industry great attention is paid to ecological problem namely cleaning and recycling of wastes. In this article we consider one of the types of industrial wastes – gas emissions.

Classification of the industrial gas emissions. In the industrial gas emissions harmful contaminants can be divided into two groups:
a) Suspended particles of solid matter – dust, smoke; liquid – fog;
b) Gaseous and vaporous substance.

Aerosols are solid particles of inorganic and organic origin, as well as particles of liquid (mist).

Dust is a dispersed unstable system which contains more large particles than smoke and fog.

Inorganic dust in industrial gas emissions is generated by mining, ore processing, metals, minerals and fertilizers, construction materials, carbides and other inorganic substances. Dust of industrial organic origin – is, for example, coal, wood, peat, oil shale, soot.

At the present time, when the waste-free technology is in a period of formation and there is no completely waste-free enterprise yet, the main task of gas purification is to bring the contents of toxic impurities in the gas to the minimum permissible concentration (MPC), established by sanitary standards.

Environmental pollution has become a real problem today. One of the biggest pollution source is dust. Though today it is possible to apply road dust control to reduce the air pollution. This and other dust control solutions like soil stabilization can be found on this dust control site.

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