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Ugly Effect of Handphone for Man

Consequence or impact from handphone usage too old. Mans while passing the time for hours phones with handphone will have degradation risk about produce of sperm. Do not only that, usage of handphone simply also increases abnormal sperm rate. Conclusion result of the expert in health centers research, Cleveland Clinic, United States.

Ugly Effect of Handphone for ManResearch entangling 361 mans and done in range of time one years is indicates that produce of sperm to man affected by usage frequency handphone. Longer man uses ponsel, ever greater possibility that produce of sperm experiences trouble. “Man who is using ponsel within four hours or more every day, he will experience produce of a real low sperm,”Dr Ashok Agarwal said, leader of this research.

Benar gak ya, terdapat efek buruk dari penggunaan handphone berjam-jam untuk pria? Untung saja saya kurang begitu suka menelpon terlalu lama. Jelas saja ga suka, punya handhone atu doank juga sudah jadul banget dan kekurangan pulsa lagi he…