Step Guide to Attain Success in Life

Success in Life! To get a successfulness is not easy, must hard struggle to reach it. And, though that successfulness level relative differs hung seen from the view of each, at least I anxious for become one of they that have successfulness. In consequence, try learn to comprehend any step that must gone through from others experience those and of course assessed has got successfulness at they scope. Below are some step guide to attain Success in Life. This principle is applicable to any aspect of Life. These are very simple steps, which we all know, yet we tend to forget.

  • Dream. Dream is what separates super achievers from normal people. Dream is the starting point for whatever you want to achieve in life. Critics refer dreams as building castles in air. If you don’t build castles in air, then you will never be able to build it in the ground. Truth is you cannot attain anything in life, if you don’t dream about it. Take any successful person, they dreamt about what they wanted to do, even before they started doing anything about it. Dream is the stepping stone towards success.
    Let us understand this four step process by taking a parable. Lets say that your dream is to own a palatial house.
  • Vision. Vision is something where in you can materialize your dreams and translate it into a tangible shape and form. Vision creates an outline for your dream, which will help you to start operating from the ground level. It is important to have clarity in vision, because this is what is going to define your future course of action. Vision is a high level interpretation of what you want to achieve.

Let us take our parable of a palatial house. Now when you are in the Vision stage, start visualizing how your house is going to be. I will tell you how you can visualize – There will be one big door at the entrance of the house. There will be a road of 200 meter before it reaches the house entrance. On either side of this 200 meter stretch, there will be beautiful flowers, plants and trees. There will be a garden with a place for sit out. There will be an arch type entrance to the house. There will be a big entrance hall for the living room. Living room will be connected to with stairs on two sides to the upper floor. There will be four rooms in first floor (called as second floor in US) and 3 rooms in ground floor. There will be a swimming pool connected to the living room and also connected to one of the bedroom in first floor. Well, this is how you should visualize your vision. You should be able to see the end goal with this much of clarity.

  • Plan. Planning is the key and will define the way the Vision is executed. There are many ways of planning, and it can be decided based on the type of the Vision. One important thing in planning is to attach it with a milestone. Planning also needs to include a proper tracking mechanism, where in the progress of the execution can be tracked properly. The frequency of planning has to be decided beforehand. There may be a need to plan on yearly basis, monthly basis and sometimes daily basis. The most important point in planning is that it has to be practical, and should be achievable. Usually when we plan something, we tend to either underestimate or overestimate our capabilities. We need to maintain a proper balance between the two extremes.

Let us go to our parable of a palatial house. Now you have already envisioned how your dream house is going to look like. First thing you need to do is estimate its cost. Go to a builder and find out how much the overall cost will be. Once you find the cost, you need to find out a way to earn that much of money. You can plan for few years, as to how you would like to accumulate that much of wealth. If you are in job, plan your savings in such a way that you should be able to accumulate the required amount after a specified period of time. If you are in business, plan it accordingly. Well, I am always in favor of business than job, because once you are in business you can define your own future and your course of action.

  • Execute. Well, till this stage its all in air. Nothing is going to work, if we don’t execute as per the plans. This is one area where nearly 90 % of our ideas, dreams, concepts fail to fructify. Just go back five years in your life, and compare it with your life now. Have you been able to achieve what you wanted to. I am sure most of you will have the negative answer. It is because we lack in implementation and execution skills. There can be many reasons for this. Some may be really valid ones. But the fact is we need to come out of this dream world and start putting into practice – well this may sound contradictory to what I said in the Dreams section. Truth is dream will remain a dream until we start doing something about it. For execution, most important thing is we need to be disciplined about it.

Coming to our parable of owning a palatial house, it is time to start saving. Make sure that you are disciplined enough to save the amount you had planned for. Give some room for flexibility, so that you can adjust and achieve the anticipated saving amount. Do some disaster recovery, if you fail to follow the plan. If you do all this, the palatial house belongs to you. Enjoy and savor it.

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