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Awareness to Action

Awareness to ActionMost would agree that the task of leading people from lack of awareness to action is a huge undertaking. Implementing a communications system, based on the principles of the communications continuum, can be an enormous assist. Using this system, a communications office can advance the work of the school in achieving a desired action – from an increase in enrollment applications to breaking into a new market to changing how the school is perceived in the community.

Awareness to Action!

The system rests on the foundational truth that attitudes and beliefs cause action. Success in achieving an action the school desires is inextricably tied to how successfully beliefs and attitudes have been formed to predispose a constituent or constituency to act. Actions caused by beliefs and attitudes occur based on information that people
1. Receive
2. Understand, and
3. Become convinced of

This process of moving people from awareness to action is called the communications continuum.