Ways To Control And Reduce Dust

Today we will talk about some of the methods of dust control. Ways To Control And Reduce Dust! The simplest way to allay the dust is to use dust precipitation chamber. It is a large tank, through which the burning gas is transmitted. The rate of gas flow decreases so that the dust settles down on the bottom of the chamber. The greater the volume of the chamber the more smoothly the gas flow moves, and so the cleaning is better.

The most common dust collectors are cyclones. Plain cylinder is a cylindrical casing with the inlet. Ignited gas is introduced into the cyclone, where it makes the motion of the helix. Dust by centrifugal force sticks to the walls and loses its speed, and continuing the circular motion falls into the lower conical part and then into the bunker. Purified gas exits through a central pipe up.

For dust removal different devices are designed. For example, prolong made from polyethylene irrigated by water, hung in the form of ball is very effective and has the ability of self-cleaning from dust.

Electrostatic precipitation with the help of electrofilter is successfully used in capturing of fog and dust in the cement, soot, sulfuric acid, metallurgical industry, especially for well-capturing of fly ash from flue gas stations.

Along with various dust collectors common filtration is widely used and due to ultra-thin fibers, new filters can detain any particle size of 1 micron or less, including radioactive ones in an amount up to 0.001% or less.

Absorption methods are based on the selective exclusion of specific components from gas mixture using adsorbents: activated carbon, silica, natural and synthetic components – aluminosilicates.

And, for example, molten salts NaCl, KCl, sodium with temperature melting point 420-290 are used as adsorbents for dust control in metallurgical plants. They’re cheap, non-deficient, non-toxic and are easy recovered by magnetic separation.

Air pollution is a real problem these days. One of the biggest pollution source is dust. Though today it is possible to apply road dust control to decrease the air pollution. This and other dust control solutions like soil stabilization can be found on this dust control site.

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