Interesting Story about Seed of Rambutan

Seed of Rambutan!

Every eat “Rambutan” fruit, usually we don’t care to its seed and directly throw away it except to one who haves desire to plant it.

Seed of RambutanReturned that all, in the reality seed of “Rambutan” there is its benefit for health. Its benefit is referred as relate to stability of blood sugar-content. According to experts, seed of “Rambutan” have benefit hipoglikemik, that is degrade level of high blood glucose. If has been positive diabetes, drink stew of rambutan seed regularly can degrades blood sugar-content. In other hand, must lessen sweet food consumption too, experience sport regularly, and when needed, drink drugs to degrade blood sugar-content.

Seed of Rambutan!

Biji-biji tersebut bermanfaat untuk menurunkan kadar gula darah yang cukup tinggi akibat kencing manis. Setelah dicuci bersih, biji rambutan dikeringkan dengan bantuan sinar matahari. Saat gula darah melonjak, tumbuk 5 biji rambutan sampai halus. Rebus dengan 3 gelas air sampai menyusut setengahnya. Minum air rebusannya 2 kali sehari, pagi dan sore, sampai kadar gula darah normal kembali.”

Interested to try it? Benefit of all that, “Wallahu A’lam Bishawab”. Try to conduct something matter that not contain negative impact, there is nothing wrong?

6 Responses to Interesting Story about Seed of Rambutan

  1. ridu says:

    yay, rambutan’s seed? hihi.. i’ve never thought that it’s so useful for our healthy.. hehhe.. nice..

  2. cecep says:

    rambutan i prefer avocado you?

  3. kips says:

    #1 Thanks, previously, I also like that, hehe…
    #2 I like all fruits, unless papaw.

  4. rama says:

    oo yeah.. i like rambutan… but i dont like rambut 🙂

  5. Darkum Sudiro says:

    rambutan means thing that looks like rambut.
    and we will consume it’s seed…
    yack ! 😀
    kidding! actually it is a great article ! keep up the good work!

  6. kips says:

    #5 Thank for your advise. I hear from my friend and your friend too, your English language is good? teach me please, 🙂

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